【The Weekly Report】2018/03/26~2018/3/30 週報

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Zendesk 試験運用開始しました



3/27,原が福岡で開催されたIT交流会でReact Nativeを使った開発者の立場からiOS/Androidアプリ開発についてのメリット、デメリットについて意見を交わしてきました。


Matchup™ に掲載されました!





Hi, I'm Sakurako from anect Inc.

Let's check last week's report!

Held recruitment interview for the local manager position

I was able to find people who wanted to help us with the business operations in Indonesia. I also have talked to her on Skype. In my opinion, she is a bright and intelligent woman! At the first, she will start as an intern and we will have another talk about her official position and joining date. I'm really excited to work with her, the candidate of COO, soon!

Started to use Zendesk trial program

Currently, we use Helpshft as our CS window since it was offered at the low price and correspond with multi languages. However, Helpshift recently increased its service plan fees, so we are considering to move from Helpshift to zendesk, which can adopt the necessary function for our needs.

Ryosuke did a round-table talk at study session.

Ryosuke gave a speech about merits and demerits of iOS and Android application development from the standpoint of a React Native developer in IT study session that was held in Fukuoka on 27th March.

Introduced on Matchup™

Our company was listed on the website which is introducing startup companies in Fukuoka! From this article, you can find more about our company. Please kindly take a look!


A year has passed since I joined anect Inc. To be honest, this one year is full of happiness since I could work in Indonesia that was a dream for me. In this second year, I hope I am able to be more independent at work and together with other members I hope I can give effective contributions to company's growth.

See you next time!