【The Weekly Report】2018/03/12~2018/3/16 週報

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Duolingo English Test を受験しました!

今回、イングリッシュスピーカー以外のメンバー全員でDuolingo English Testを受けて現在のメンバーの英語力を測りました。 スピーキング、リスニング、ライティング、ボキャブラリーの観点からTOEIC,TOEFLさながらの英語力測定が測れます。なんと結果も2日以内の早さで結果が回答が来ます!


前田がStartup day Tokyo に参加しました!

3/12(月)に東京で行われたAmazon Web Services主催のStartup day Tokyo というイベントに前田が参加してきました。


世界で成功しているスタートアップのビジネス的な視点から、実戦投入によって得られたAWS運用の技術的知見など、幅広い話を聞くことができました。 より良いサービスをより早く提供できるよう、今後もAWSを積極的に導入していきたいと思います。

最新の情報を取り入れ続けることは大事ですね! Amazon Web Serviceさんこれからもよろしくお願いします〜



Manuelの Welcome partyを開催しました!

福岡オフィスにいるメンバーでManuelのWelcome partyを行いました! 久しぶりの大所帯での懇親会はとても楽しかったです。

普段聞きそびれているメンバーの話やManuelについて色々知ることでの出来る良い機会でした! 大いに盛り上がりました〜!



三島は、久しぶりの福岡出張でした。 久しぶりのオフィスはメンバーも増えていて、とても賑わっていて楽しかったです! そして福岡のご飯は相変わらずばりウマでした。

Hi I'm Sakurako from anect Inc.

Let's check this week's report!

Took Duolingo English Test

In this time, all members except English speakers member took Duolingo English Test and measured our English proficiency. The service provides scores in term of speaking, listening, writing and vocabulary such as TOEIC and TOEFL. And the result will come out within 48 hours! We will continue to take the exams regularly and I hope it will help everyone to improve their English.

Tamaki participated in Startup day Tokyo

Tamaki participated in an event called Startup day Tokyo organized by Amazon Web Services that was held in Tokyo on March 12 (Monday).

His impression about the event is as below,

I was able to hear a wide range of stories from the business perspective of the successful startup in the world, to the technical knowledge of AWS operation obtained by actual warfare. I would like to continue to actively introduce AWS in the future so that we can provide better services faster.

Keeping up with the latest information is important! Amazon Web Service Thank you for your continued support ~

Started pair programming

Our back-end engineer, Tamaki, and Manuel, who officially joined us back in March, are conducting pair program once a week for about one hour. Pair programming is a method which two engineers jointly develop a software using one workstation. Through pair programming, it is good opportunity to Deepen understanding of system specifications and programing language also a good opportunity to communicate in English.

Held Manuel's welcome party

We held Manuel's welcome party with Fukuoka's members. It was a lot of fun to have a social gathering after a long absence. It was also a good opportunity to chat and know more about Manuel! (I had so much fun that I forgot to take pictures...)


I visited our Fukuoka office after a long absence. As the number of members increased, our office became more lively and fun! And the food of Fukuoka is still Bariuma as ever. Bariuma means delicious in Fukuoka dialect!!!!