【The Weekly Report】2018/04/2~2018/4/6 週報

* English below.



Pitching days by BANSEA One Fundに参加しました

木村はシンガポールへ出張し、4月5日にPitching days by BANSEA one Fund に参加してきました。ピッチの結果、いくつかの投資家に興味を持ってもらうことができました!

インターンシップ開始&対面面談 with 木村さん



Toko-Tokoのリーフレットが完成しました。今後はWebサイト上からだけでなく紙でToko-Tokoのサービス概要が見れるようになりました。早速、期間限定で開催されているBatik and handicraft nusantara exhibition に趣き、直接ターゲット層に手渡ししてきました。地道な活動ですが、リーフレットを受けとった人からはToko-Tokoに対するたくさんの反響や意見をもらえています。


今まではMacOSのPCを使用するメンバーがほとんどでしたが、今回 Manuel本人の希望によりWindows 搭載のPCを購入しました。そうなんです、弊社では入社時に自分の任意のPCを購入できるようになっています!!好きなモデルを選ぶことができることも弊社のちょっとしたポイントです!到着が予定よりも1ヶ月以上遅れるというトラブルがありましたが、ようやくManuelの手に渡ってホッとしています。




Hi, I'm Sakurao from anect Inc.

Participated in Pitching days by BANSEA One Fund in Singapore

Ichiro Kimura went to Singapore to participate in Pitching days by BANSEA one Fund on 5th April. As a result of pitching, there were some companies who were interested!

Started the internship program & face to face meeting with Ichiro Kimura

Ichiro Kimura and I had a face to face interview with Gladys who is working as an intern from this week. We had a talk about Toko-Toko's marketing goals, bases, schedules as well as role of each person, etc.

As our potential target layers and the following functions become more clear, we have confidence in the growth of our service. And, I'm looking forward to our new member's marketing skills!

Created Toko-Toko's leaflet

The leaflet of Toko-Toko is completed. From now on, Toko-Toko service overview can be seen not only on the website but also on paper.

As soon as we got the leaflet on our hand, we went to "Batik and handicraft nusantara exhibition", and handed it to our target client directly. By being able to hand over to the target directly, it became easier to get direct feedback. Even though it's considered as a steady activity but we already got many significant feedbacks.

Manuel got the new laptop

Until now, most of the members are using MacOS laptop, but this time we purchased a Windows-PC at the request of Manuel. That's right, in our company we are able to purchase our own favorite PC model at the time of joining!

The PC arrival was delayed over 1 month because of some troubles, but now the PC finally arrived and reached Manuel's hands.


Although I had been temporarily returning home in March, I will go back to work again in Indonesia from April! From this year we would like to actively participate in the event more than ever and strive to disseminate our service as Marketing team!

See you next time!