【The Weekly Report】2018/05/21~2018/5/25 週報

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2.開発チームでDaily scrumを開始しました!







Hi, I'm Sakurako Mishima from anect Inc.

1.Started interview for new registrants!

We introduced Toko-Toko to shop owners who gave their cooperation during the development stage and received feedback on the usability of registration and service. There is always new discovery in every interview. Also, by reporting feedback to the development team, we can make the improvements quicker. We also realize that the smoothness of registration is rising by UI.

2.Started Daily scrum in Development team!

By using Daily scrum, each developer shares their work progress with the team members. Also by sharing the progress, it is easier to solve the current problems and give help to the team. Since basically development team work independently, we try to consciously review the task and take time to share.

3.Looking for a Kos in Jakarta!

Since we set up an office in Jakarta, we are currently looking for accommodation in Jakarta! Jakarta has a very high rent so it is very difficult to find an affordable room. The standard price of an apartment in Jakarta is almost same as in Tokyo, so I I am currently looking for a room in the boarding house called Kost (Kos). The kost have a wide range of room type, from a local feeling room to a hotel-like room, I would like to find a satisfactory room! If you have any information about cozy kost in Jakarta, please give us information!!!!!!


Through busy days, we will move our office to Jakarta from Surabaya. I really was thankful to all Surabaya friends who have helped me! I'm so sorry that I can't say thank you directly to everyone. From June, I will stay in Jakarta and will continue to work hard! At the same time, I will try to make the new project for business trip to Surabaya soon. Thank you!

See you next time!