【The Weekly Report】2018/07/09~2018/07/13 週報

*English below.



1. GladysがIndonesia E-sport Championship Eventに参加しました!

7月11日に GladysがIndonesia E-sport Championship Event に参加してきました。本イベントは9月に行われる同様のイベントのプレイベントとなる位置づけで、協賛や参加企業にロジスティクス企業が多いのが特徴です。インドネシアトレンドに触れるとともにロジスティクス企業とのネットワークづくりにも大いに役立ちました。

2. 香港で行われたthe startup event RISEにデザイナーの里中さんが参加しました!

デザイナーとして働いてもらっているSEREALの里中さんがアジア最大級のイベント、the startup event RISE にanectチームとして参加してくれました!写真にもある通り、とても熱気のあるイベントだったそうです。Toko-TokoのPRをしてくれてありがとうございました!


3. チュートリアルのUIを改善させました!



  • 画面にやることが収まるような表示にする、手順に順番をつける、完了したステップを消す、などチュートリアルの手順(次にやること)がわかりやすくなるように改善しました



  • 商品の写真のアップロード方法をわかりやすく改善しました
  • 商品の登録情報になにを書けばいいのか分かりやすくするために例文やヘルプボタンを掲載しました


4. ユーザーへのカウンセリングフローを効率的になるよう見直しました!






Hi, I'm Sakurako Mishima from anect Inc.

1. Gladys participated in the Indonesia E-sport Championship Event!

Gladys participated in the Indonesia E-sport Championship Event on 11th July. The event is a pre-event of similar event to be held in September and it's characterized by many logistics companies in sponsorship and participating companies. Gladys could catch up with the trend of Indonesia and was a great help in creating a network with logistics companies.

2. Participated in the startup event RISE in Hong Kong

Konatsu Satonaka, who is working in anect Inc as a web designer, participated in the most biggest startup event RISE in Hong Kong. As you can see in the photos, it seems it was a very hot event. Thank you for the PR regarding Toko - Toko, Ms. Konatsu!


3. Updated the UI's tutorial!

By instructing more detailed steps in the tutorial and registration of products, we improved to make it understandable to unfamiliar users.

【Tutorial page】

  • We improved to make it understandable each step of the process in the tutorial, for example, include the all process within the same screen, these processes make orders and delete the tutorial after finished the process.


【Registration of products page】

  • We improved to make it understandable how to upload the product photos.
  • We added examples and help button for making product contents more easier.


By instructing more detailed steps in the tutorial, we improved to make it understandable to unfamiliar users.

4. Updated the contact flow for more efficiency!

Currently, we have started counseling by direct visit so that users can solve the online sales problem more closely. Following this, we have reconsidered the contact flow to the user and have prepared a system that can provide effective and efficient support.


Indonesian is said to be the easiest learning language, but the more I learn or use it every day the more I realized Indonesian language is difficult and complex. I really want to improve my indonesian language skill so it can be as native as Indonesian people!

See you next time!