【The Weekly Report】2018/06/18~2018/6/22 週報

*English below.



1. Toko-TokoのLPに詳細ページを追加しました!

Toko-TokoのランディングページにToko-Tokoの機能の詳細紹介とToko-Tokoでの商売の手順のページを追加しました。 使用前でのどのように利用するか、何ができるかがイメージしやすくなりました!



2. インターネットの低速環境での最適化しました!


3. パスワード再設定機能追加しました!


4. 投資家の方より追加投資をいただきました!




Hi, I'm Sakurako Mishima from anect Inc.

1. Added detailed page to Toko-Toko's LP

We added Toko-Toko's detailed feature introduction and Toko-Toko's procedure to the landing page. It became easier to imagine how to use it and what can be done!

[About product feature]

[About using process]

2. Optimized in the low-speed environment of the Internet!

We made effort so Toko-Toko can be used stably in Indonesia where network environment is not good by improving the upload speed and compressing and caching communication.

3. Added the password reset feature!

We added the new password reset feature in response to the user's voice!

4. Got additional funding from existing shareholder!

We got additional funds from existing shareholders. Thanks for the support, we can continue to operate as planned. We all appreciate it so much!


I feel like I finally started returning to normal scenery after a long lebaran vacation. Our marketing team, which moves according to the user's schedule, actually changed the way of contacting during holidays and regular periods. We are keenly aware of the importance of communicating with users and the importance of interviews and we will try to our best for building communication