【The Weekly Report】2018/06/04~2018/6/8 週報

*English below.


こんにちは、anect の三島です。

1. セールスパイプラインの言語化


2. ロジスティクス企業との協業プロジェクトが始まりました!


3. Gladys、日本出張の準備中

Gladysが日本への出張のため、パスポートのIC化、VISAの取得など準備を進めています。 意外とプロセスに時間を要するんですね。入社当初から計画されていた日本出張ですが、もう少しかかりそうです。実はGladysにとっても初めての日本への渡航です。社員が日本とインドネシアを互いに行き来して文化を理解しコミュニケーションを取りやすくなるようこれからも企画していけたらと思っています!

4. 木村家に第二子誕生!

今週 代表の木村に第2子が誕生しました!!おめでたいです!おめでとうございます!!男の子だそうです。最後の平成生まれですね、元気いっぱいに育ちますように!




Hi, I'm Sakurako Mishima from anect.

1. Made verbalizing of Sales pipeline

Sales pipeline is a sales management method that monitors process from prospective customers to purchasers and number of prospective customers (sales, number of cases, etc.). Sales and marketing that had been dependent on people until now, from now on, we began initiatives to make language guidelines and common guidelines for the sales pipeline to make it easier to visualize the results more efficiently!

2. Started A collaborative project with logistics companies

One of the projects that we are currently focused on is collaboration project with logistics companies. It is aimed so that users of Toko-Toko can carry out sales and transaction more smoothly. We have already started meetings and we are thinking about new functions and services so that Toko-Toko can be more user-friendly in the future in terms of delivery and shipping!

3. Gladys, preparing for the first business trip in Japan

For upcoming business trip Japan, Gladys is preparing the IC passport and acquiring VISA. Surprisingly, the process takes longer time and more complicated than I expected. This business trip to Japan was planned since the first she joined the company, but it seems to take longer time to proceed.

New baby in Ichiro's family!

A second child was born in our CEO family this week! Congratulations! He is born in the last year of Heisei. Best wishes on his cute little boy!


A long-term vacation in Indonesia has been started. It seems that this season will be the busy season and the price for the service will also rise. Since all the government offices and shops are closed, procedures are not proceeding as expected, which is causing inconvenience in daily life. Please be careful about staying in Indonesia in this season!

See you next time!