【The Weekly report】2018/2/13~2018/2/16 週報

*English below.




1. Fintech Meetup in 福岡 に木村が登壇しました!

木村が 2018年2月16日に福岡のグロースネクスト(弊社の入っている建物)で開催された 「Fintech Meetup in 福岡」 に登壇しました。



2. 前田、SSL/TLSの勉強しております



SSLとはインターネット上でデータを暗号化して送受信する仕組みです。 なんのこっちゃ、という感じですが、普段何気なく使っているウェブサイトのURLが https から始まっていれば(いわゆる Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure)セキュリティに配慮されたサイトであるということになります。 私も最近知りました…





3. 台北 - 福岡 Vanilla Air就航&チケット購入しました!

Vanila Airが新たに福岡- 台北間で就航した記念に、キャンペーンをやっていました!

な、なんと片道サービスチャージ込で750円!!やっす!激安ですね。 早速、4月に台湾出張の予定がある前田が購入していました。 九州内の移動より安かったそう…

今後も福岡とアジアの各国とがより便利に行き来できるようになっていくのではないでしょうか。 早く福岡ーインドネシア直行便も就航してほしいです。(切実)

4. 社内プレゼンレビュー会でプレゼン特訓しています

三島の教育訓練の一環で、自社のサービスを説明するPitchの練習を社内でおこなっています。 毎日30分、各社員にVideo chatでプレゼンをおこない、フィードバックをもらう形式です。 今回は英語でのプレゼンです。 伝わりやすい英語を考えたり、人前で話すことはまだまだ慣れず悪戦苦闘していますが、いつ発表の場に出ても恥ずかしくないようこっそり訓練しています。


ちなみに2/16(金)は こちらインドネシアではChinese New Yearとして祝日だったので街も大いに賑わっていました! オンライン上でも沢山のサイトがChinese New Yearに向けたプロモーションで盛り上がっており、どれだけChinese New Yearが大イベントなのかを改めて肌で感じることができました。


Hi I'm Sakurako from anect Inc.

Let's check this week's report!

1. Ichiro participated in Fukuoka Fintech Meetup as a speaker!

Ichiro participated in Fukuoka Fintech Meetup as a speaker that was held on 16th Feb in Fukuoka Growth Next -same building with our Fukuoka office.

anect was introduced as Grobal startup company from Fukuoka and he gave speech about our business contents and current situations of startup business in Southeast Asia countries, especially E-commerce and Fintech.

In addition, there was a commentary on Fintech market trends from KPMG Japan,Fukuoka city's introduction from mayor of Fukuoka and lectures from other Fintech startups.

2. Learning about the latest version of SSL and TLS

Do you know latest news and insights from Google on security and safety?

Check it below.

It said in the news that website which is started with http are not secure, and Google strongly advocating sites to adopt HTTPS encryption.

*SSL is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser.

Basically https (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) means is the same thing as HTTP, but uses a secure socket layer (SSL) for security purposes. It was new for me too...

Since our business is a service dealing with personal information, having website knowledge of SSL is essential for website operation.

By the way, the latest book about SSL that Tamaki purchased last week is here!↓


From now on, anect will always inputs the latest knowledge, deepens the understanding of security, and will manage safe EC site · settlement service!

3. Vanila Air New Route, Fukuoka-Tapei!

Vanila Air held a campaign to commemorate their's new route between Fukuoka-Taipei.

It is offer such as an incredible price! Just 750JPY one way! sooooo cheap isn't it?

Tamaki booked it for business trip on April. He said that it was cheaper than transfer within Kyusyu.

I wonder whether Fukuoka and other Asian countries will be able to come and go more convenient in the future. I strongly hope Fukuoka-Indonesia direct flight will be launched soon.

4. I have a presentation special training at the in-house presentation review meeting

As part of Sakurako’s education and training, Pitch' s practice of explaining its service is done inside the company. It is in a format where I give a presentation to each employee with Video chat about 30 mins everyday to receive a feedback.

It was not easy to make the sentences in easy-to-understand English and talking in public however I am secretly training to give out the bet presentation.


By the way, 16th Feb (Fri) is Chinese New Year holiday here in Indonesia, the city was covered in celebration mode! There were plenty of shopping site that gave out promotion for Chinese New Year! I could feel how big the event was.

See you next time!